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Thanks for visiting our new site and con-gratulations on your decision to build a new home in Belize. Building in Belize certainly has its challenges and one of my tasks is to ensure that your homebuilding experience is free of anxiety and completely within your zone of comfort. It's this American 'southern hands' quality of care our clients talk about to their friends and associates. It keeps our phones ringing and is the strength upon which I've built this business.

I started in the homebuilding industry in 1972 at Flagler Beach, in my home state of Florida, as a 'carpentry apprentice' hanging doors, building stairs, reading plans and learning about building regulations during the day, and taking carpentry classes at night. That eventually led to the starting of my own business as a 'framing contractor' four years later where I mainly constructed roofs and erected interior wood walls. Lots of hands-on experience during this time. I also earned my Florida State General Contractors license in 1974, just barely in my early twenties.

Thirteen years later, in 1989, and with a much larger business to manage, the time had come for me to switch gears and offer my services as a  'Project Manager', a position with tremendous responsibility and accountability. And that transition was easy, due to the fact that I had learned my trade in one of the most vibrant and competitive home-building states in the country.

Currently, I happily reside in Belize where I manage Southern Hands Custom Homes and Designs. I offer Design and consulting services, and total management of home construction from ground breaking to final landscaping. Those are just two of the services we offer. We are proud of what we do here and look forward to turning the thoughts of your dream home into well-designed portrait of living reality.


As an American contractor living in Corozal, Belize, it is my intent to build structurally sound homes at affordable prices applying American standards and practices in wiring, plumbing, etc. The mission process starts at the foundation where the most professional methods and cost-effective materials and scheduling are applied to convert your design from drawings to wood/concrete reality. Though not strictly required, we follow US Building codes when erecting your structure.
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